Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Countryside in Italy

Just going through some photos and found this one from my trip to Italy. I thought I would share it you all.

Well, the  photo doesn't do the area the justice it deserves, but you get the idea.  I definitely need to figure out a photo editor.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Wow, what a project???

Did you ever start something and know you can't turn back? Not that I don't like the paint, mind you, it is the time it takes to do the project. Kudos, go out to you bloggers/DIYer's that paint :)

Let me remind you what what I started with:
Not that is all that bad, I just wanted to lighten up the kitchen and I always wanted white glazed cabinets. So with my husband's okay and his help, we took off all the doors and primed the cabinets.
I ended up with this, not exactly what I was envisioning. My husband encouraged be to keep going.

So I went a retrieved a cabinet foam roller and tray from my supplies. The paint color I ended up using was Light Raffia, by Valspar.  It still needed to brush the all crevices, but the roller seemed to cover much better. Although I can still see some small brush marks, it turned pretty good.
So for the past few days, these are the cabinets that now stare at me to be finished.

I now want to glaze them, because in my kitchen they will get dirty quickly if they stay white?? However, I cannot decide whether to use the American Traditions Translucent Glazes I have used on other projects or to use wood stain. 

What do you think?  Also is there is special way to do wood staining?

Thanks so much for all of your inspiration and help.  I never thought this would be so stressful on my little old mind ;)

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Last Summer Blooms


We were outside today doing some end of summer cleanup duties, before the rain and cold front come through.  When I looked over at my one flower bead my (3) rubekia plants were loaded with these beauties.  I just could not resist making one last summer bouquet. Can you believe the size of that front one?

While saying goodbye to Summer is hard, it is really nice to see the changing leaves here in the Northeast and some cooler temps.  However, that in no way means I am ready for really COLD weather, yet.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update on stepping out.........painting

It is really hard to believe  that painting could cause such fear???? I could see spiders, snakes, bears, but paint, REALLY???? Okay, so I have supplies all gathered and I getting ready to look for chalk paint husband asked "If I could use a primer?"  Since I am painting  such an important item and have NEVER used chalk paint, I said "Sure", because I realllly don't want to mess this up.

So here is the primer I used:
So I went about getting started, by brushing on the primer and I really am thinking rolling would be better?? As you can tell by the following photo:
Hindsight what a wonderful thing.  Also, sorry about the glare, I can't seem to get my photo editor to work?
So, the next pic is a shot of one door I painted BEFORE I listened to my "hindsight". 
Oh my goodness, I should have cleaned my stainless steel, before this photo, but I thought I might as
well wait until I am done.  Whoa Bessy, can you see those awful brush marks???  Put on the brakes sister and go find a roller.

Well, this is my little update, for now.  I am going to get a roller and paint pain from my supplies (may need a glass of wine to calm my nerves) LOL

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Friday, September 14, 2012

To Paint or Not to Paint ..................

Have you ever wanted something for a really long time, but you let your husband (or anyone) talk you out of it????  Well, I have wanted painted and glazed cabinets for about 15 years now. Yikes, I am getting old :) In that time we built 3 new houses and each time it was about resale value. You know, was it just a trend that would not be a good selling point. (Imagine that painted cabinets would keep someone from buying a house, Really?) Each kitchen was lovely in all of the houses and we never had a problem with resale.
However, the problem came when we moved into my grandparents' house and we remodeled the kitchen.  Again, I was persuaded to go with cherry cabinets because of the richness that it would add to 1970's ranch home. 

Well, now 5 years later, I really wish I would have gone with my gut and ordered the glazed cabinets.  I have been wanting to paint them for about 3 years now, but my husband just was not keen on that idea.  I guess I kind of understand since they were new and well constructed cabinets after all, last year I even went and bought the supplies, but chickened out. 

The way the light shines on them you can see any scuffs, dust, especially this drawer that is above the garbage can. It looks like I haven't cleaned them at all and I just washed them all down the other day. I am constantly wiping them down, especially this bottom row. It seems like all those crevices collect everything, Ugh?

So I am really contemplating painting them, with my husbands OK this time :)

What do you think?  Do you have another solution that may work? Any suggestions?

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