Sunday, August 3, 2014

Treasure Hunting Anyone……..?

I have really been having a good time finding things to purchase for my daughters' apartment.  She will be starting her second year of college (no dorm rooms available), so we found her a cute little apartment, close to campus. However, we need to furnish it??  This is our second child in college, so let’s just say the funds are a little….tight??
The first Goodwill find was this old basket.  I think it is a picnic or market basket, with a hinged lid.(Cost: $10.99)  I was thinking she could use it to store things in and yet still be decorative. Does anyone know what kind of basket it is??

I was getting a little discouraged, when I turned around and looked at the floor.  There on floor, underneath a sewing cabinet, were these quirky looking lamps. I thought they would go perfect with the retro look of my daughters’ bedroom.  I bent down and picked one up and the price was only $6.99 ea., with the shade. I believe they may be milk glass?? Does anyone know how to tell??
I was still on the hunt for another lamp for the living room or spare bedroom.  My mind was thinking of something tall, with glass and gold.  What are the chances that I would find something like that without spending a pretty penny. Well, God does listen even to those little things Princess
I walked to the front of the store, got in line to check out and what did I see…….

This pretty little thing, just sitting there as pretty as could be. I know she doesn’t have a shade, but she has all the right bones to be a beauty. I couldn’t believe the cost was only $2.99 (as is). so I ask for a light bulb, plugged her in.and Ta Da she worked. 
Well, so far we are off to a good start for the apartment treasure hunt.
Do you have any advice to share on finding wonderful treasures?
I hope you come back and see what else I have found on my new adventure…….