Monday, October 31, 2011

Building Requires A Plan, right?

Hello everyone,  building anything requires a plan doesn't it? You see this is our deck we put on this past summer, but before we started my husband had to draw it out on graph paper. Then, he planned out the footers/holes for support, built the frame and put on the deck boards.

As you know, I took a break over the summer, due to my father's cancer. Even with his treatment, there was a plan.  He would need so many chemotherapy treatments followed by so many radiation treatments. I am very happy to report that his last radiation treatment was last week and the doctor believes my father is in remission. I would like to thank everyone that has prayed for my family throught this time of healing.

It is through these kinds of  moments in life that we find out what we are made of, so to speak.
I have thought about my blog and all of you quite often, but either not having the time or the words to say.  Now I find myself looking at my life and saying "What is next in this life of mine."

Well, one conclusion is that I want to build my blog, but how do I do that?  I have had the pleasure over the weekend of viewing some blogs and the 31 Day Challenge at Funky Junk Interiors Blog by Donna  has really inspired me to go forward. However, I have also realized I still have alot to learn. 

So back to my question? Did building your blog require a plan? Did you just start and it grew from there?  Do you ever feel like a copycat when you blog about the same things as others? Is that just how blogging is, building off one another? I really do want a blog to biz, but do I have what it takes to get there?

As you can probably tell, this whole cancer thing, has made me a little "out of sorts"?  I want to be here for my family, but yet still have a piece of me for myself. Does that sound selfish?

So  My Story for now, is to keep on learning new things with my blog, revisit Funky Junk Interiors, 31 day challange and to try and come up with how to implement the things swirling around in my head.
I would like to thank Donna for sharing all her useful information, but most of all her passion for what she does and how she does it.

Please leave me any suggestions, blogs, books etc...


  1. I too have been following Donna, apart from your Dad's story, this post could have been written by me, I am working through the same issues you talk about. Blogland is such a wonderful place, with wonderful people so willing to share. Thank you for sharing. I am now following your blog.

  2. Thank you so much for the mention! So glad my series helped you, even if it was to help you decide what you wanted.

    I didn't plan anything. I just went for it.

    My recommendation is to simply do what YOU love, whatever that may be. Then blog about it. Only time will tell what can transpire. :)


  3. Hi Chrissy,
    I think blogging is a wonderful and beautiful thing and also a gift. However, it can also be challenging keeping up with your blog and returning comments to others. I agree with Donna, and that is to do what you love, the rest will come.

    So glad to hear that your Dad is doing well. There is nothing selfish about moving on with your life. Your Dad wants you to be happy.


  4. Hi Chrissy,
    So nice to meet you. Thank you for following my blog. I am glad to hear that your Dad is in remission...

    I spent some time going through some of your older posts. I spent 3 weeks in France a few years ago too.

    About building your blog. I agree with Donna. Post about what you love. Visit other blogs, leave comments and your blog will grow! In fact, it just grew, because I am now a follower of yours too!

    BTW, I have another blog other that The Comforts of Home, called Flea Market Makeovers, that you might enjoy too. You can get there from my sidebar of The Comforts of Home.

    See you!