Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Simple Door Makeover

Well, here is another project that was still on my camera card from Winter/Spring 2011.
I couldn't decide what to do with this door, since it is what you see as soon as you walk into the kitchen from outside.  It is the door that goes to the basement.

 So I decide, instead of replacing it, I would paint it? What color I was not sure, yet? I gave it a good sanding and wiped it down, then headed for Lowe's.  Guess what color I decided on?

 Chalk board paint??? that's right. Since it is in a prominent spot, it would make a perfect area for posting things. Of course, I took a break to take the picture ;) Mr. RRP is such a wonderful husband.

So there you have it. One BIG message area complete.  My daughter helped also, but did not want her picture taken :o

Thanks for stopping by, please let me know you were here,


  1. What a great new door you have there! I have two big chalkboards in the house and I just love them, I find inspirational quotes on pinterest and then I put them up on the chalkboards! You are going to love having that gorgeous door in your kitchen! t.xoxoxo

  2. My kitchen has the same basement door. You see it first thing as you come in. I love how yours now looks more inviting.


  3. What a wonderful idea!! I am wondering now what I would write on such a large chalkboard. I am a new follower.

  4. Hi Chrissy, I love all the projects you've done, I've just been browsing your awesome blog. I'm also your newest member and am adding you to my blog love, and thanks for adding me. I love the door! We had a door that looked like your before, it's in our dining room and we simply painted it white to give it a fresh look. Those 70's/80's doors need all the help they can get, and yours turned out so charming!

  5. Love that chalkboard door! I'm stopping by from Debbie Doo's.

    Also, I've joined up with 5 talented bloggers for an "Impossibilities" challenge that culminates in a multi-blog link party on Jan. 31.


    There's still time to get in on the fun ... oh, and if you blog about your participation, give me the link in my comments thread and I'll blog about you next weekend!