Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update on stepping out.........painting

It is really hard to believe  that painting could cause such fear???? I could see spiders, snakes, bears, but paint, REALLY???? Okay, so I have supplies all gathered and I getting ready to look for chalk paint and...........my husband asked "If I could use a primer?"  Since I am painting  such an important item and have NEVER used chalk paint, I said "Sure", because I realllly don't want to mess this up.

So here is the primer I used:
So I went about getting started, by brushing on the primer and I really am thinking rolling would be better?? As you can tell by the following photo:
Hindsight what a wonderful thing.  Also, sorry about the glare, I can't seem to get my photo editor to work?
So, the next pic is a shot of one door I painted BEFORE I listened to my "hindsight". 
Oh my goodness, I should have cleaned my stainless steel, before this photo, but I thought I might as
well wait until I am done.  Whoa Bessy, can you see those awful brush marks???  Put on the brakes sister and go find a roller.

Well, this is my little update, for now.  I am going to get a roller and paint pain from my supplies (may need a glass of wine to calm my nerves) LOL

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon,


  1. Chrissy,
    I would not recommend using a roller.I did on some of mine and stopped because I was leaving roller marks.If you do use one DON'T apply much pressure.It will leave marks and it is hard to sand them off.I don't have many brush marks with my AS paint.I did not use a primer.Take a deep breath it is going to be fine and look amazing!

  2. Take a deep breath and just GO! You will be surprised just how easy working with chalk paint is. I personally love it. I know that your piece will be beautiful!

  3. OK so you've done the hard part, which is biting the bullet. Not sure how far along you are but I painted my cabinets last year and learned a thing or two. If I could do it over, I would be sure to do a light sanding between each coat. It'll help get rid of those paint lines and i would definitely, definitely SPRAY PAINT the doors. I saw a tutorial once where the girl spray painted all the doors and then took one in to a hardware store, had them paint match the spray paint color and then used that to paint the cabinets. Brilliant!