Monday, December 20, 2010

First Blog Posting

Welcome to Roses, Rhubarb and Pearls!
I thought it was fitting to offer you some of our fresh baked and decorated Christmas cookies.
I am happy that you have taken the time to step through my screen door and into my kitchen.  However, on any given day you could be stepping into my craft room, dining room, garden or just about anywhere I may end up with my camera. You see I am a very eclectic person and I like soooo many different things, that I have had a hard time pinpointing a name for my blog. Hence, I have come up with Roses, Rhubarb and Pearls. now if you are like my husband, he said "What?" while scratching his head.

Then I explained to him the following reasons: (Then he kind of got the idea :))

Roses - remember to look for the beautiful things in life
Rhubarb - remember to enjoy simple things of  life
Pearls - remember to throw in a dash of elegance and a whole lot of wisdom in everyday.

So I think this name will cover my eclectic style and hopefully spark your interest. As I blog I hope to find my niche and make alot of great friends along the way.

I will probably ask for help along the way too. Not probably I definitely will :)
Please leave me a comment so I know you found me.

Happy Holidays,


  1. Well hello from Canada!!!! How cool we both go by Chrissy!!! welcome to the wonderful world of blogging...and Merry Christmas!!!

  2. hello chrissy, thanks for your sweet comment! merry christmas to you!



  3. Welcome to the wonderful adventure of blogging. Just be yourself, have fun and ask questions when you need to.
    Have a Merry Christmas

  4. Chrissy, Good for you for starting a blog! You mentioned in your comment about the fear of people thinking something you post is dumb...well, the truth is, some people might, but you don't need people like that reading your blog, right? :) You will find that most people are encouraging, gracious and lovely and they will become your friends. Post about your passions and share you knowledge and people will come. :) I wish you the very best in your blog.

  5. Welcome to blog land Chrissy. Love your blog name. Watch out this is very addicting, but lots of new friends are here to be made. I look forward to your posts.

    Merry Christmas,