Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011 -- Everyone!

Has anyone else thought of what the date will be at midnight? No, I am not having a blonde moment, LOL!
It will be 1/1/11 or 01/01/11 . I don't know if I will ever see that again in my lifetime :) Just  a random thought for processing? Now on with my post.

Well, considering how I have been feeling the past week or sooo. I will be staying at home and snuggling with my Mr. Wonderful and celebrating with my teens.

So we will be watching the clock with some bubbly in our hand, praying for a Healthy, Prosperous and Safe new year.  The emphasis here at our house is definitely on the Healthy, not the other two are not welcome or anything :)

Last but not least, we will be watching the notorious New York City Ball Drop in Time Square. We are pretty boring this year, but sometimes it is nice to be "boring" :)

Well, I pray everyone has a AWESOME 2011!


  1. are right about the date! We will be watching the ball drop also.

    Have a great New Year's Eve!

  2. And that sounded like the perfect plan. I never realized on that date, you are right, we may never see that again in our life time. Happy New Year. That second recipe was awesome! I will post it soon.

  3. Happy New Year! I just started a blog also. Not really sure what I am doing but trying to research and figure it out as I go along :) Hope you will stop by my blog for a visit soon!

  4. Hi Chrissy,
    Happy New Year to you and your family! It sounds like we had very similar New Year's eve celebrations. My husband and I watched some TV and actually managed to stay awake until midnight to welcome in the new year.
    I happened to look at a digital clock today at 11:11 and thought to's 11:11 on 1/1/11. My hubby didn't think it was as interesting as I did :)
    Welcome to the wonderful world of can be very addicting (in a good way).

  5. So nice to meet you!!
    Happy New Year!!
    I agree with everything you said and did the exact same thing as you last night :)
    I think we are going to be good friends in 2011!!!

  6. Chrissy, Boring is a good thing on New Year's Eve. There are a lot crazies out there.
    Bob and I went to a NYE show at the historic Savannah Theatre. The Theatre boasts a live theatre company. The building has be in constant use as a theatre since 1818. It is located on Chippewa Square where Forrest Gump sat on his famous bench.
    After the proformance we went home and the young folks stayed the night dancing on stage with the band. Ah! Youth!
    Happy New year to you. I am your newest follower. Ginger

  7. Sounds like a great evening! I took boring even further and went to bed before 11:00! (Then again, we arrived home earlier that day from an 18 hour drive!) So I can relate!
    Wishing a healthy, prosperous and safe New Year to you and your family, as well!