Friday, October 5, 2012

Things that make you go Hmmmmm?

Have you have started a project, then stood back and thought something is missing? So you continue with what you are thinking it will end up like, but when you look at it you just go Hmmm?

Well this is how I feel about my kitchen cabinets at the moment.  Do you remember I started with this:

I primed and painted, the outcome was this option:

But it was just too white for my kitchen, plus my family would have it dirty in no time.
So, I decided after much debate to glaze them, using a translucent mocha glaze.
The glaze is thin and does not dry quickly, so you have time to work with it.  You can either leave it on or wipe off as much as you like.
After debating I decided to wipe some off and then put it back heavy is other areas? I also still need to wax or poly the whole thing. 

So, now after a deciding how heavy of a look I wanted, I have come up with :
This does not seem to be a very good photo, the top two single shots give you a better look. It is hard to get the lighting set in my house .
However, there is still something missing?? I know the hardware may be silver or bronze.
What would you think of making in look like furniture, with feet on the front?
What about the end, you see this as soon as you come in the door, wainscoting maybe?
Thanks so much for all of your encouraging comments and inspiring ideas.
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  1. When we refinish kitchens, we usually add a glazed breadboard which gives it a real homey touch, but another idea that I think would be real cute is to hang a small towel bar (one that matches your hardware) and hang some cute linen hand towels for display. You've done a fabulous job on your kitchen!
    Jodi @ cottage charm creations :)

    1. Thanks Jodi, for the idea of the towel bar. I never thought about that :) It was wonderful of you to stop by and please come back again,

  2. Your cabinets looks great with the glaze...I have used it and love it!


    1. Thank you for stopping by and becoming a follower. I do love this glaze and its workability, but how did you seal your project? I was wondering if waxing trying, if it would add a deeper look? It was so great of you to come by. Please stop back again and I will visit Coastal Charm.

  3. In a kitchen (for future reference) I usually use Dover White by Sherwin Williams. It has a hint of yellow to give the white warmth and is easily distressed or glazed. I love your cabinets and think the towel ba idea is a great one.

    1. Thanks Donna, for the tip. I didn't use white though, I used light raffia by Valspar. I did use mocha for the glaze and am wondering if I should add some Raw Umber? What is your preference for a top coat?
      Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me you ideas, please do come back.

  4. Very cool re do! I think it looks great!