Friday, January 7, 2011

Well, better late than never????

You see we did have Christmas here, it was just lost in Nikon land. That was until the train came by and transported them to here:
Well, since I just received that magnificent little gadget that was previously posted. I figured I better quickly post my Christmas photos. Yes, you read correctly my Christmas photos. At first I did a longer blog and was inserting the photos and well, frankly got bored myself. Of course this probably was because I looked at everything for so long. So I saved you from the blogging sleepy land and just posted a collage.

Do you still have Christmas things floating around your house?

After all, I didn't want you think that I was not creative at all ;0


  1. Everything looked so pretty! Exciting to get the camera-thingy - now you can really start to play with your new toy. :-)

  2. Pretty pretty...and oh I know all about having fun with a new camera!

  3. Lucky you with a new camera! I really like the brown bulbs I'm spotting, you should have "bored" us a little more :).

  4. Chrissy it's great to meet you! Thank you for stopping by and for following along as well. Your blog is wonderful and I'll be back often.

    Beautiful Christmas photos and I like the collage design. Pretty!

    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  5. Hi Chrissy! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my devotional post today at Scene of the Grime. I'm so happy to meet you and welcome you to blogland! I'm your newest follower. I look forward to lots of blog fun here :) Happy 2011!

  6. yes, I totally have Christmas stuff floating around. I guess I need to set a yealry deadline ;) your pics look like postcards, I LOVE how you see things. Your blog is very sweet!! xxooo LA

  7. Beautiful photos, Chrissy~ a new camera~ how fun!

  8. What fun to have a new camera! There are so many fun things to take a good picture of. I have enjoyed looking through your blog. Thanks for visiting mine creativesouthernhome.blogspot.
    Good luck with all the pictures!

  9. I love your collage!
    I do the same thing....I have many posts unpublished just because I worked them to death and really just didn't ever want to look at them again!

  10. Your photos are beautiful Chrissy! Happy 2011 to you and thanks for visiting me so now I've found you.