Wednesday, January 12, 2011

White Wednesday, Maybe....?

Well, everyone I am going to try to link to White Wednesday? I am not sure how it will go, but if I am successful I will try other Linky Parties.  I am going to share a project that my husband finished, since I was sick over his vacation.

   This is obviously a blank wall, that my husband thinks could use a little something?

I think he took my "decluttering" and "organizing" speech literally ;0 But than again look at the table?? This is not even all of the ribbon, that I have somewhere in bags, yikes???

I am sure I am the only one that ever goes on a ribbon "binge" when they are on clearance, right?  Plus, the bins of paint, that I can never seem to find the color I need at the time, are not even in the photo?

The finished project turned out great, hubby even helped organize it? Boy, he must really want me to succeed in my projects and blogging.  He is truly my greatest supportter in everything I do :)

Please don't forget to click on address or my sidebar button and go visit our hostess Kathleen at the other party participants for White Wednesday.

Well, as you can probably tell, none of these photos were retouched.  I have went from a kidney infection to I think the flu??? Everyone asks "How can you get the flu, after being on antibiotic?" Well, because the flu is viral and the antibiotic can kill both good and bad bacteria, which can make you immune system weaker sometimes. Which would be my case at the moment.  I just feel like I am letting myself down by not blogging like I said I would?  Pray for me to have a strong immune system again.



  1. The paint and ribbon storage cabinet is awesome! It not only looks great but look at all that storage and with everything right at your fingertips!
    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Oh no girl, I hope you feel better. Your ribbons are so pretty and look great all organized!

  3. Looks great! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. very nice! Great job... will you two come over and organize my ribbon? :)


  5. Looks great!!! Hope you feel better very soon!

    Take care,

  6. Chrissy the new wall looks pretty and colorful. I just adore all ribbons.

    Your hubby is so nice to help you. That's wonderful!

    Take care, ~Melissa :)

  7. That looks great and now you can start linking to my party, too.

  8. I like that! How nice of your hubby to do that for you! I so hope that you are feeling better soon! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and rooting for your immune system.

  9. Turned out great! I hope you are feeling better. That stinks that you've been so sick. Feel better :)

  10. Oh how fun! Not only are you organized, but the color assortment looks great.


  11. Here's to a strong immune system and a prayer to go with.

    I need to get organized here, thanks for the inspiration! Happy week!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now your latest follower. I like your background. Everything about it is beautiful...the only thing that I find is that I don't love when the scroll part goes over the actual words of the blog. But overall it's a very pretty choice. I'd love if you would come follow me back. Thanks.

  13. That is amazing! I love it. I am a fellow ribbon addict. It's just so fun to collect all the different and beautiful ribbons.
    Great project!

  14. Such well organised and colorful. Your hubby is tendered. Wish you get well soon.

  15. bonjour, je suis kate .j'habite en france à coté de st emilion(libourne) . je vous note mon blog a bientot pour une visite,kate....

  16. wow Chrissie, now this is an amazing organizing tool! I just love it. And I am sure you will use the ribbons more often now, as you can see them better. Have a great day,
    love Maaike