Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green Acres, is the place to be?

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First off, I probably really showed my age with that statement :) Second, oh how I wish/pray the acres were green around here :( but soon enough they will be. Well, at least that is what I keep telling myself, LOL.

I know I should have posted this sooner, but what can I say..........

Anyhooo, IKEA seems to be the place to be! I forgot my camera, but it was soooo packed I don't think I could have used it anyway?  We went to the IKEA in Baltimore. Let me tell you something "It is a great way to pass a dreary day!", but with just a few less people. It was really difficult at first to get acclimated to the store, since I have NEVER been to one before? I know "Where have you been?"

Let me just back up a minute and preface this with "my teens had to come along", yeah, imagine that, but it turned out okay. They acutally ended up finding something they want to go back and get in the Spring {grin}, means another trip for me :)

Also, remember to look at the materials being used, if you want wood {my husbands' preference} you can find some things, but you need to read how they make their furniture and see it to appreciate it. My husband came home with a different perspective on funiture.
Although I didn't get to take photos, just click on the following link http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/bedroom, rooms are set up like a furniture store and then downstairs you can find all of the "accessories" {could spend alot of time in this section}. Here are a few little things I bought:

First off, I had to buy one of these IKEA tarp bags, literally made from tarp material.

The first thing I saw, but had to wait until I got downstairs to find it, was the wooden lazy susan at $7.99.

How cute are these colorful and cutout cake plate liners. Can you guess what the silver handle gizmo is? It is a milk frother and yes it work really well, honest.
 Here is a closer pic, can you see the corkboard trivets behind them, a set of 3 for $2.99.  I have also  been looking for a sleek pair of tongs for nonstick cooking, I just love how these fit in my hand.
 I couldn't believe these cute "cupcake" liners, although their cupcake pan was deeper and skinner, I think I can use them in my regular pan??? We'll see and if not they are cute enough for a craft project at .99 cents.
This plastic bin was the second thing that I didn't find until I went downstairs. It is just great at $4.99, you can use it without the little plastic seperators or with them. I also love the top latches on the lid, you can always tell that they are securely latched.
This will give you a great idea of the store, at least the one at Baltimore, MD, next to the White Marsh Mall, which by the way is an awesome mall. Hint: Will be dropping the teens  (19 and 16),off there, so I can continue my shopping at IKEA.

Due to space being limited on this trip, because of snowboarding equipment, I am definitely planning on taking a truck for the next trip.

I am joining Debbie at Debbie Doos, for the Newbie Partay, please click here to come meet some newbie bloggers and maybe a your next BFF: http://debbie-debbiedoos.blogspot.com/2011/02/lets-get-it-started-again-lets-get-it.html. I can't seem to find/figure out the button? Sorry

I want to apologize to the three ladies that have nominated me for the Stylish Blog Award,, for not acknowledging the award and participating yet. I have been hit with the flu and will post that as soon as possible.  Also, what kind of things do you all want to know about me, don't want to bore anyone :)

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  1. Ikea is such a great store!
    I used to live only half hour away from it! Now that I've moved it is so much farther away. They have my dream slipcover couch!
    The cake liners are too cute that you got!!
    Congratulations on your award!
    Pamela :)

  2. Morning...I have now become a follower as well..nice to meet your blog

  3. Chrissy, thanks for stopping by my pad over at CatchupwithKate. It sure has been an interesting ride these past few days, but I keep telling myself it HAS to get better. Love your blog. New follower too!

  4. Ikea is awesome. We don't have one here in Las Vegas...booo! However, there was a campaign trying to get one, so maybe in the future! I found you on Debbiedoo's.


  5. Ikea is such a fun store. I love it. I pass it everyday when I take my kids to tennis, but don't stop in often enough. BTW I am hosting a blog party and the link will open up tonight at 8pmEST. I hope you will stop by and join in for the fun. See you then. www.diybydesign.blogspot.com

  6. Hi Chrissy!
    Thanks for coming over to my blog and becoming a follower.
    I love IKEA! The secret is to follow the arrows on the floor or above your head. I know, you are so busy looking around that you probably didn't even notice them. It really does help with all the confusion of only 1 way in and 1 way out.
    Looking forward to reading your post!
    Your newest follower

  7. Hi Chrissy...thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you now. Isn't IKEA unbelievable? There isn't a store near me but my son lives in Chicago and I've been to one there. The first time nearly did me in! I hope to get back in the spring. Glad to meet you...

  8. Hi Chrissy!
    I love going to IKEA, too! I always get a lot of great idea! Following you back!

  9. Hi Chrissy,

    Thanks so much for coming to my blog via the Newbie Party.

    I love Ikea too! I always find something I didn't know I needed when I go in there. :) It's such a fun place to shop!

    Have a great day!
    Pam @ Our Adventures in Home Improvement

  10. Hi Chrissy! Thanks for your comment on my blog, now I am here to visit you! I love IKEA! I always find something I need there. I also love your craft/paint/ribbon organizer. I have wanted one of those forever!

  11. Hi Chrissy!
    I love IKEA!! Last time I was there, I went for a few toy storage boxes and left with a new duvet and plans for a master bedroom redo! Looks like you got ome great things too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you go to the dyebrick's website, you will see lots of pictures where people did their exterior brick!

  12. Hey Chrissy, Thanks for coming by and visiting me and becoming a follower. I am now following you as well. I love IKEA I have not been in a really long time. I will have to go.


  13. I love IKEA! The last 2 times I was in Philly, I didn't have time to stop, but gazed longingly from the highway as my hubs rolled his eyes. You have to go during the week. Weekends are what brings the crowds out. Love those little cupcake liners. Thanks for sharing all your finds.

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    have chosen you to receive The versatile Blogger award. The instructions are on my blog. Please let me know if you accept! Thanks!