Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Orchids, such a splendid flower.

I know I promised a photo of my Valentine's Day Orchid, but my camera was just NOT cooperating! Or could it be the operator? Oh dear me, it couldn't be, it just couldn't be little ole' me :)

Low an behold, I did manage to get one photo last evening, before my hubby came home. Well, let me back up I think I may have gotten quite a few, but I didn't have in the camera card, LOL. You guessed it that was little ole' me :). Then, everytime I went to focus in and take a shot, some kind of "jibberish" would pop up on the screen???? Well, my husband asked me "Did you check the battery, honey?" I turned around and looked at him like, battery??? What is a battery and whatever would you need one of those for,LOL?????
So Photography 101 repeated:

1. You need a charged battery.
2. You need a camera card, you know it kinda works like film, from the old days :)
3. You need the right lense adjustments or lense changed.

You guessed it! It was all just little ole' "me", having a "duh" moment.

Well, I hope this made you smile and this one photo didn't turn out too badly after all :)
Come back again,
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  1. Too funny! Love the picture, it's beautiful. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who has little ole' me issues with taking pictures ;)) have a great day!


  2. Are you sure we are not sisters? Sounds like something I would do. The orchid is gorgeous. I need a tutorial on how to grow them. I usually kill them.

  3. lol, I am so glad you posted a picture, its beautiful!! (the picture and the orchid) I hope you are having a great day!

  4. Nice picture. Love orchids - the stem shape, the flowers are long last.

  5. Gorgeous, I will be trying my hand at orchids this season.

  6. Your header is BEAUTIFUL. Where are the scenes from?

    Love your blog name as well....NEW FOLLOWER.

    .....stopping by from Never Growing Old Over Forty Bloggers.

    Stop by my blog if you like....mine has books reviews and photos from Scotland.